Our Games

When we make our games we are always thinking about what people like. So everyone enjoys playing our games.


At Bedford Games we believe music is one of the most important factors in a game if people don't like our music they won't play the game.

About us

We are a London based indie game company making games just for you

Bedford Games is a small indie game development company currently making games everyone will enjoy. Our games are designed for all ages. How? You may ask well in our games we block out any violence or innapropriate content so that all ages are welcome to join in and play.


We currently have 2 games named Bedford Adventures and Rotate up and running. Please be aware that they are still in the beta mode so there will be lots of bugs. If you find one please contact us and report it we would love to be able to fix it for you!


Currently our developers are not very familiar with multiplayer games but soon they will have mastered the concept of online multiplayer databases and have a multiplayer game up and running.

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